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antique timepieces coming from Patek, Rolex and also Vacheron

Typically, rare metal could be the high-class substance regarding timepieces. This is especially valid any time you see modern day timepieces. Yet, in terms of antique and also very collectors items watches, {}. Some of the steel watches from luxurious brands can reach tremendous prices during auctions, and beat gold. Why? Because those vintage watches are way rarer than the gold editions. Here are 3 highly exceptional steel editions from Patek Philippe, Vacheron-Constantin and Rolex.

Patek Philippe watches have always been collectible. But some editions are on the top list of the ‘required‘ pieces for a professional collector. And these pieces are, surprisingly Luxury Replica Cartier Ballon bleu de Cartier Watches For Sale, titanium or steel versions. Curious indeed for a brand used to manufacture the top of the top, with the best finish details and the best materials. Steel is common, cheap and in a sense, proletarian. The main reason for this infatuation on the grey metal is simple: Patek didn’t use to produce many watches with that material. And thus, they are extremely rare.

The Patek Philippe we found here is a so-called ‘Grand-Calatrava’ (because of its 36mm oversized case), produced in 1943 and coming in an unusual stainless steel case replica Bell Ross. Most of the ref. 570 had been delivered in white or yellow gold cases and with a central second movement. So the unique combination of the case’s material and the small second movement (manually wounded) makes this one extremely desirable. In addition, take a look at the dial. Formerly in a beige tone, the patina has done a very good job here, with a warm light caramel tone.

The case is also in an extremely good condition and seems nearly unpolished, judging the thickness of the lugs and the cutting edges. The watches comes with an official Patek Philippe’s extraits des archives and is for sale by Corrado Mattarelli in Roma (a very well known vintage seller) here (Price on Request)..